What makes chuck and brisket beef so special?

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Chuck & Brisket
Why are chuck and brisket so mouth-wateringly good? What separates these cuts from the porterhouses and the scotch fillets of the world? It’s all in the cut.

If you’ve bitten into a slow-cooked, tender piece of chuck or a juicy brisket burger, you’ll know nothing quite compares to the irresistibly meaty flavour of these cuts of beef.

In fact, meat lovers around the globe search far and wide to get a taste of the best brisket and chuck – and we can’t blame them!

But why are chuck and brisket so mouth-wateringly good? What separates these cuts from the porterhouses and the scotch fillets of the world? Let’s take a look.

What is beef chuck anyway?

Beef chuck comes from the forequarter, which includes parts of the neck, shoulder blade and upper arm. 

As you can imagine, these areas do quite a bit of work so the meat has a lot of connective tissue. It’s this connective tissue (along with fat content) that gives beef chuck its trademark meaty flavour and delicious juicy texture. 

It also makes beef chuck suitable for a wide range of cooking methods and dishes such as roasts, meat curries, stews, and of course burgers.

What makes chuck and brisket beef so special?

And what is brisket?

Brisket comes from the underside chest area and, like chuck, has plenty of connective tissue. There are two types of brisket:

Point end brisket: As the name suggests, this comes from the ‘point’ or ‘end’ of the cut, and is best suited to slow and low cooking methods such as braising. The point end makes great pulled brisket as it literally falls apart when cooked.

Navel end brisket: This cut is more square-shaped and slices up more neatly, making it ideal for slow cooked roasts.

Dispelling the ‘cheap beef’ reputation

Historically, chuck and brisket were seen as ‘cheap’ cuts of beef because cooking big chuck or brisket steaks quickly like you would a porterhouse or eye fillet would yield tough cuts of beef. 

The problem with this method is that it doesn’t allow the connective tissue and fat in the chuck or brisket to really do their thang, and that’s where all the incredible flavour lives! 

Thankfully, these days people recognise that brisket and chuck are some of the most flavoursome and tender cuts of beef around – all they need is a little TLC. 

In fact, these days chuck and brisket are universally considered some of the best cuts of beef for making meaty, juicy, out-of-this-world good beef burger patties. 

Meet your new favourite chuck and brisket burgers

At Ribs & Burgers, our new Tasty Burgers range is made with premium Australian chuck and brisket patties for that seriously epic burger experience. Our chuck and beef patty is the product of countless tireless hours of taste testing (tough job, but someone’s gotta do it), and many more hours sourcing some of the most premium cuts of meat in Australia.

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What makes chuck and brisket beef so special?

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