Wagyu Bacon & Cheese

Forged in the fires of the Ribs & Burgers grill, lusted over by thousands, the Wagyu Bacon & Cheese burger is the one to rule them all.

This exceptional meal lovingly brings together a match made in burger heaven – Swiss cheese and streaky bacon. We bring it all together between two flour dusted buns alongside a thick cut of Australias finest Wagyu beef, as well as crispy lettuce, juicy pickles, onions, fresh tomatoes, and a generous dollop of BBQ & Aunty Joan’s Pink Sauce.

Optional Extras...

You can add all sorts of extras to most of our menu range for a few extra bucks!

Swiss Cheese, American cheese, Egg, Grilled Chicken Tender, Jalapeño, Beef Patty, Chicken Breast, Avocado, Streaky Bacon, Beyond Patty, Wagyu Patty, , , , , ,

Nutritional Details

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Wagyu Bacon & Cheese

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