Slow Cooked Lamb

Enjoy like a Greek, slow cooked lamb shoulder, inspired by the land of the GODS.

A meal so generous it’s served in a burger, the Slow Cooked Lamb Burger is a burger designed for meat lovers. The star of the show is a succulent cut of premium lamb shoulder, slow-cooked for the ultimate flavour and texture, and served with a sizeable portion of tzatziki for that cool, refreshing kick in every bite. Pair all that with salsa consisting of olives, tomatoes, onions, mint and parsley. It’s no wonder this Mediterranean dish will whisk you and your taste buds away to Greek terraces – leaving you somewhat silent and senseless here in Australia.

Optional Extras...

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Swiss Cheese, American cheese, Egg, Grilled Chicken Tender, Jalapeño, Beef Patty, Chicken Breast, Avocado, Streaky Bacon, Beyond Patty, Wagyu Patty

Nutritional Details

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Slow Cooked Lamb Burger

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