Grass-Fed Sirloin

Did you just do a double take and find yourself checking which restaurant you’re in again?

It’s ok, we understand – it’s not every local burger joint that offers a premium 300-gram
grass-fed sirloin and serves it with brown rice and quinoa, with your choice of apple cabbage
salad or chips no less. The thing is, we love exceptional food, which is why we baste and
flame grill this beauty to perfection. But we also care about what goes into our food, which
is why we opt for grass-fed beef, as it means a healthier and more nutritious cut for our
So no, you haven’t accidentally wandered into the most exclusive steakhouse in town, but
you do get to enjoy the same kind of food (without the same kind of price tag)

Nutritional Details

Want to check out our halal items or check any allergy info? We’ve got you covered!

Grass Fed Sirloin steak

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