What is the Ribs & Burgers Loyalty App?  

The Ribs & Burger App is a loyalty app with multiple tiers (Blue, Silver & Gold). Loyalty app members begin their journey within the blue tier and automatically receive 5% Cash-Back credit on every transaction plus the added benefit of accumulating Loyalty Points for every dollar spent at Ribs & Burgers nationwide. Get eating and earn more exciting rewards as you work your way to Gold!

What is the difference between Cash-Back credit and Loyalty Point? Where can I redeem my credit and points?

Cash-Back credit = Accumulate Cash-Back credit with dollar value that can be used on future purchases.

Loyalty Points = Accumulated when you transact or through social interaction like sharing, commenting and checking in on social media.

For example, Blue tier members are entitled to earn 5% Cash-Back credit on food and beverage purchase at any Ribs & Burgers store nationwide, upon scanning their loyalty app in-store.

What do I do if I already have a Ribs & Burgers card?

Simply download the app and register, you can then link your existing Butcher’s membership card in the app. Once this is done, all your previous transactions and balance will be transferred over to the NEW app account. Please keep in mind that our app will only allow you to link the physical membership card if it’s registered under the same email address. Please contact info@ribsandburgers.com if you are having trouble linking your existing card to our new loyalty app.

Ribs & Burgers is going cardless – If you have linked your physical card to the app and the balances have transferred across, the card is no longer required.

Have a gift card? simply link your Ribs & Burgers gift card in the new loyalty app.

Is there a limit on the amount of Cash-Back credit/Loyalty Points? And when do they expire?

There is no limitation on how much Cash-Back credit or Loyalty Points you could accumulate in the loyalty program. However, all Cash-Back credit and Loyalty Points will expire exactly 12 months from the date the credit/points were earned, If not already redeemed in this same 12 month time period.

For example, you earned $5 and 1000 points on 03/08/2017, if they are not redeemed before 03/08/2018, our system will automatically expire them from your account.

When will my account be updated with the Cash-Back credit/Loyalty Points?

Your Cash-Back credit and loyalty points should occur in real time. Cheeky thing still not working? Email our friendly staff at info@ribsandburgers.com  and we will fix it for you!


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