The Butchers Club

The centre to life is family, and at Ribs & Burgers restaurants we love nothing more than the ability to be a part of great family memories (and having the best burger in Australia doesn’t hurt).

Our family of loyal customers enjoy a 5% cashback to their loyalty accounts on everything spent at Ribs & Burgers nation wide. So the more you spend the more you accumulate. However there is a whole lot more to why our family is quite unique.

Family is all about sharing. Therefore our loyal family will always be the first to know of the upcoming events (New Store openings, VIP tastings), exclusive offers, competitions and an inside scoop to our secret menu items. Because after all, family comes first.

So how do you join our family?

Well it’s simple… Get to your local Ribs & Burgers and grab a loyalty card. To activate your card, simply get it swiped upon your initial purchase; this will activate your card and will allow you to register it online. Then Jump online and register all your information so that makes it easier for us to keep in touch. Once this has been done we will send you a confirmation email with a link to complete the registration to make sure everything is A OK.

You can use your card to earn rewards from the second you have it, however to redeem the amount accumulated you must complete the registration online.


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